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Dawn is the best Cruise Director ever! As a rather timid fellow, I was a bit nervous about calling and talking about my fantasies / turn ons with a stranger. Within moments I was put at ease by Dawn and was able to sheepishly talk about some naughty stuff. Dawn took my comments and weaved everything together where I was completely immersed and fully participating. She's also very pleasing on the eyes. What a wonderful cruise!! I think I'm going to be logging a lot of nautical miles. P.S. The audio stories are extraordinary also.

Baby Marty

I have had many calls with Dawn, ALL of them amazing and gratifying, and now, I have a custom audio by Dawn. OMG! In this custom audio Dawn did for me, her voice, her inflections, her enthusiasm, and excitement really comes across. My God! I love this custom audio! So what is your fantasy? I'm 100% sure that Dawn will blow your mind with either a call or a custom audio. Seriously dude: what are you waiting for? Call Dawn, email Dawn, and tell her what you want. She will make your dreams come true! I highly recommend Dawn's custom audios!

Dawn's Married Cock

Dawn has become an addiction for me. I will submit to her every wish and command. This cock is all yours now.

Stephen P

Her body and mind oozes sex. Makes for an incredible call all the time.And another.....Dawn will make all your fantasies come true. Let her guide you and it won’t disappointed


Dawn takes orgasms to the next level. She milks me for all I have inside me when I cum. Such a lady prior to us getting into our groove and when the fun starts she is oh so naughty. Always up for new things and she will always keep you wondering what’s next.


Dawn is the best at making me scream, laugh and cry with pleasure all in the same call. I will scream her name as I am crying in my pain or laughing at what Dawn has got me to do, that otherwise I would not have done before I had meet Dawn.


Dawn is unlike any other PS experience. Her welcoming sexy voice and incredible enthusiasm makes each call is better and better. You're missing out if you don't call her - I can't say enough compliments on the experience of talking to her - fucking mind blowing. Thank you as always Dawn!


Dawn owns my cock and only she can make it explode at the mear sound of her voice. I have been talking to her for almost a decade now and she knows how to please my cock. I really love letting her watch me on skype while I jerk the way she tells me too. You will not be disappointed when you call this goddess.


Dawn will take you to new levels - she has a way of giving you a rush of ecstasy. She gets off hearing you cumming. It makes me want to please her every time. She’s truly the best.

Baby Marty

Another wonderful call with Dawn! Today is Friday, 8/16/19 and I am in heaven after calling her. Listen, I have been using "phone services" for over 25 years, and most of them are mediocre at best: a waste of money at worst. Dawn is different, very different. She touches me on so many different emotional levels. Have you ever longed for that one special woman? Trust me, Dawn is the ONE. She is so much more than a PSO. Remember that girl by the lake? When you kissed her it was as if you were kissing an angel? That is Dawn. She is that girl you remember and wished you would have married. She is the one you made love to after the concert that night, but left town the next day. Robert Frost said, "Two roads diverge in the woods....." Dawn is the road that you wished you would have taken long ago. She is the one you have been looking for. Well, she's here now. Poetry aside, Dawn is amazing. I can't believe it took me this long to find her. If you haven't called her yet, you are missing out on a mind-blowing experience. Her voice and personality will enrapture you. Thank you Dawn! I am your client for life!


Dawn is anything but ordinary. Today she took me on a journey that began with the totally emptying of myself. She then had me pledge my complete and absolute devotion to her. My head was originally cloudy but as it has cleared I realise that I am now home. She has given me an inner compass that directs me to her for all my mental and physical fulfillment. I am now at peace and I owe it all to my Goddess Dawn.


It touches my soul when i hear Dawn's voice change when she knows it's me on the other line. As if her eyes light up, her smile widens, and pussy starts to leak hearing my voice. She's an angelic woman worth talking to again and again

Baby Marty

Oh my God! She has "The Voice" the commitment, the unbridled enthusiasm and intelligent wit. This is the woman you have been looking for. This is the phone sex partner you have been searching for! No matter what your desire, kink, or fetish, Dawn delivers a phone sex experience you won't soon forget. Look, I'm 60 years-old, and I have been calling these services for over 25 years, always looking for that special lady with the special voice. Well, I have found her! Dawn is unbelievable. Forget the others, once you call Dawn, you will realize what you have been missing. Thank you Dawn. You are what dreams and fantasies are made of. I can't wait to call again!


I’ve been calling my nasty phone sex mommy for a couple months now. Now Ive taken the first step. I’ve admitted to myself I am addicted to Dawn. I have a DA going to DA class. It’s just like AA only DA is Dawn Addiction! I fuckin eat sleep breathe and dream of my slutty mommy Dawn. Her intoxicating voice will have you HARD in no time. I know it does with me. With Dawn’s no hold barred phone sex role play she will have you erupting like Mount St Helens. Spewing your fucking cum all over the place. Dawn will make you feel like you’ve died and gone to phone sex heaven! I can’t count how many times I’ve died and gone to phone sex heaven with Dawn! She is fucking out of this world amazing! So give Dawn a call now. In no time you will be addicted to Dawn. The first step is a admitting you have a DA. A Dawn Addiction!


OMG , HOLY SHIT, WOW, FUCKING AMAZING are just a few words that describe Dawn’s phone sex sessions! Every call gets BETTER AND BETTER AND BETTER than the last call. Her fuckin nasty dirty slutty mouth faggot role play is incredible! Dawn takes you to the edge and then some and then some again over the edge with her dirty imagination and slutty role plays! I am Dawn’s for life. Dawns boundaries are limitless. Her nasty dirty mouth tells and gives her dickless faggot what he needs. No matter what kind of role play you have Dawn will blow your mind with her sexy voice and out of bounds imagination.


Dawn have the ability to touch me on many levels emotionally sensually. When you're with her she makes you feel like you're the only one you can actually Feel her fingers touching


Dawn is my owner now, she is turning me into her pet SOW PIG, I undergoing a total transformation from human to pet female animal, I have no say, she is determine to do this to me, and i will endure the shame , humiliation and in time, i will become her complete oinking sow pet pig animal, in actions, thought and mannerism. MY owner is so BEAUTIFUL, WITH A VOICE TO DIE FOR , she is intelligent and knows how to turn a pathetic fag , into a sweet oinking pet animal, i am putty in her hands, oink oink.

Mark S

Dawn is so hot with her incredible sexy voice and down to earth personable conversations. Then go right to hardcore as the hottest looking and dirty talking pornstar out there!! She is amazing every time and makes me want to save as much money as possible to call her as often as I can to get myself off!! Then even hotter with her getting off with me as well...FUCKING PRICELESS!!! Thank you Dawn!!!! I recommend her to anyone.


I called mommy yesterday for a little mommy/son role play. As usual mommy delivers an amazing earth shattering experience! If you haven’t called, what are you waiting for?!!! You’re missing out on THE BEST EVER phone sex session!!!


Dawn has been my phone lover for well over 10 years. I've pursued her across the digital universe, from one phonesex website to another and I'm so happy that she now owns her own. We've shared many fantasy's over the years have found several themes that we both find arousing. She has learned many of my sexual buttons and I have discovered some of hers as time has deepened the connection between us. Dawn is a delicious addiction . . . . . just thinking about her gets me hard and leaking.


Another amazing phone sex call with mommy Dawn! This time we added grandma. Soooooo fucking hot. Definitely a 10 star rating out of 5 stars.


I’ve only called a handful of times. I’ve called other phone sex girls and none compare to Dawn! She does an amazing mommy/twin boys role play. Never cum so hard talking to Dawn! Can’t wait til my next call.


I have been talking to Dawn for close to 7 years now and no one can keep me cumming back like her. I love how she understands your wants and needs and deeply gets involved in making sure get not only the virtual sex you need, Dawn actually gets excited with you! I love when she makes it her quest to cum with you and we both become one at that special moment. Dawn knows EXACTLY what I have needed for all these years and yes, she goes there. From straight out perversion to the taboo, she is my phone sex goddess forever! I hope she becomes yours too! Believe me, once Dawn enters your mind and imagination, you are hooked!!


Dawn is amazing. From the minute I got on the call I could tell she was different than any other line I've called. So personable, sexy and in tune with what I was wanting in that time. Since it was my first time calling her, she took the time for us to get to know each other a bit and what turns each other on and that made the experience even better. We could then really work each other up throughout the call and it was an incredible time. She is great. Stop wondering if you should call and just do it. No regrets.


What can I say about Dawn?? As someone who has been calling her for almost 10 years through several different sites, I can say that she is quite simply the best!!! Just hearing her voice makes me hard and horny, and I love how dirty and sexy and sensual her mind is! Call her! You will be hooked! I know I am!


Miss Dawn is the BEST!!!!! OMG Please stop looking around and call, chat, email this AMAZING woman! I will warn you though....she is addictive! Absolutely amazing....Thank you Miss Dawn!!


Dawn is the best! Have been doing phone sex for 30 years now and there is no one better.


There are many reasons why I continue to call Dawn but one of the biggest is how comfortable she makes you feel. She’s easy to talk to and that ease can be a springboard into whatever fun you want to have. Dawn isn’t like other phone sex operators, call her and you’ll see


I have never cum as hard as when we talk - she delivers an intense orgasm time and time again.


Dawn is who the majority of men (and some women) want and need. She is breathtaking, very intelligent, patient, caring and down to earth. On my first sex chat (ever) she gently drew me into her and asserted herself over me. I'm an older guy but I felt like an excited teenage boy having his first real sexual experience. She didn't come across pushy or domineering but it was very clear that she was in full control of my mind and my cock. Most of my recent attempts by myself have simply resulted in pre cum, however, Dawn took me to a place of full orgasim with nothing left in my tank. I would simply say that I could become addicted to her but I feel I might already be there


So many words to describe Dawn....funny, naughty, imaginative, sexy, intense, the list can go on and on. Combine these when calling her and it becomes such a powerful and memorable call each time. We’ve been friends and talking for about 2 years now and I always come back for more. She always pleases and honestly it gets me off so hard hearing her climax! Once you get a connection and bond with her - you will never look back. She will be a part of your sex life that every man craves.