Standard Rates for Services

  • As of 3/30/2021 I will no longer retain entire credit card information on file. This is to increase security for my customers. If you are a regular you WILL need the last four of your card and the security code on each call. We can leave the time open, but you will need this information to complete the purchase
  • Pay online by email. Send me your payment information in this format: Card number (minus the last 4 digits) Name on Card Billing address for card your phone number (so I can know it's you calling)
    • All calls are $2.50/min with a 10 min minimum
    • Sexting/Chatting: $2.00/min via Skype, Facebook, or Twitter

    I accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. I also accept debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo as well as prepaid cards both gift and reloadable (No American Express gift cards are accepted). All calls are billed at $2.50 per minute with a ten-minute minimum. The charge on your credit card bill will appear as "BEL Consulting LLC". Payment is due BEFORE the call will start.

    Refund Policy: If you are dissatisfied with the service that you receive, call Customer Service at 888-482-3816 to see about a possible refund. Any caller seeking a refund must do so within 48 hours. I am committed to your complete satisfaction and do understand that sometimes things don't work out! Don't be afraid to call and discuss the situation. Do not chargeback! Refunds must be sought before you chargeback with your credit card company.

    Chargebacks are aggressively pursued by BEL Consulting, LLC and we will call you to collect any money plus service fees once we are notified you have initiated a chargeback. Charging back will also result in you being placed on my banned callers list.

    Chargebacks that are not collected are reported to the appropriate law enforcement entities in your state. Chargebacks are fraud.

    Chargebacks also result from not keeping your information safe from the prying eyes of wives or girlfriends. Ask me for ways to save yourself from this sort of embarrassment. There are prepaid cards and for established callers, money order programs that will keep your activities with me confidential and safe!

    Please phone fuck responsibly.

    Not sure if you want to do a call? Find out more about me and how I like my phone sex.

    Daily Specials

    • Masturbation Mondays: 10 min calls for $20
    • Temptation Tuesdays: $20 min for $40
    • BOGO Wednesdays: Buy one 10 min call, get on free to use with in 7 days
    • Thirsty Thursdays: 15 min for $25
    • Fast Fridays: 5 min for $5
    • Slippery Saturdays One hour blocks for $140
    • To set up the below specials email to
    • Wake-up calls: Traveling for business and want to get off before that important meeting? Wake-up calls are available. Simply email your payment information (minus the last 4 digits and 3 digit security code on your card) and the phone number you want me to call. You will be charged at the time of the appointment. If you miss the appointment without notifying me you will be blocked from using this option
    • There is a 2 hour maximum on calls on Saturdays. If you want to talk longer, then rate goes back up to $2.50/min.