We all crave sex and connection. It's only human. I'm a sensually intelligent empath who's been satisfying men for over a decade over the phone.

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Get exactly what you are looking for with me. I am honest, intelligent, and highly sexual. I enjoy phone sex on a personal level. Discovering and nurturing forbidden or secret desires turns me on. Don't you have a few sexual kinks, desires, secrets, or fetishes you'd like to get off your chest? Let me nurture your sexuality in a way that will give you long-lasting satisfaction. Guilt and shame for using a sex chat line disappear when you give yourself over to One Girl and a Phone.

If you enjoy my site, like what you see even if you don't call please do vote for me. You can help me remain active and alive by commenting on any blog posts you find alluring or hot. All commenters get special bonuses within reason so comment a lot and return often."

Authentic Engagement No Gimmicks

All websites claim to have the BEST girls with the hottest voices. What you're looking for is proof before your call. I provide that proof in a consistently updated, evolving, real phone sex blog. Read details on the types of clients, fetishes, and kinks I enjoy. Comments by clients is welcomed and encouraged. I reply to each and every comment made on my blog.

Real Phone Sex from Vanilla to Hardcore

I don't have to try too hard to give you what you need because I love giving it to you. Let's find and view people having real sex and get off together. Fetishes and kinks are welcome. No-limit phone sex satisfaction, even for those who crave it young and nasty. Personal, detailed and creative phone sex is more like therapy. You need to get it and I need to give it. Essentially we're helping each other out.

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The Wet Spot

September 30, 2020
filthy phone play accomplice phone sex

Filthy Phone Play for your Wednesday Load

Filthy phone play special good ONLY today So, miss me? Yeah I have been rather busy. Moving is a bitch, but I am happy to say house is sold and I have secured a new […]
September 21, 2020
stretched out and ready for your passionate phone play fantasies

Passionate Phone Play: Your Monday Phone Sex Load

This weekend was all about passionate phone play! In the absence of connection, sex is nothing but a physical act. With me as your partner in crime you’ll soon find that you can up the […]
September 20, 2020

Passionate Phone Sex: Your Sunday Phone Sex Load

As a female, I explicitly crave passionate phone sex connection. I am always asked how I get off the hardest. On a surface level, I understand you want me to cum for you. But there […]

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