One Woman who shares all the phone sex secrets with you so you can FINALLY be free and embrace the inner world of your sexual desires!

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If you NEED phone sex you NEED me as your confidante and partner. Whether you're new to this sort of service or a veteran of phone sex lines I will honestly reveal all the SECRETS to amazing PHONE FANTASY. With the shame and pretense out of the way, you'll be free to finally engage, indulge and CUM harder than you ever have with any single provider available today.

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General Availability as of 5/29/20 EST:

Monday: 5:30pm - 10:30pm


Wednesday: 2:30PM-10:30PM

Thursday: Unavailable

Friday: 2:30PM-10:30PM

Saturday: 8AM-NOON; 6PM-10:30 PM

Sunday: 8AM-Noon; 8:30pm-10:30PM

Secret #1: A captivating, authentic voice

Get hooked and spoil your cock with the salve that IS my Amazing, natural phone sex voice. Unsurpassed. Called "THE VOICE" by clients I've indulged for over 12 YEARS

Secret #2:Commitment to pleasing you

Your fetish, kink or roleplay will not be lost on me. My personal engagement and 100% attention to the call is the secret that will save you tons of wasted money in the future. Just imagine, someone CARES and doesn't JUDGE your sexual needs!

Secret #3: Passion about sex, sex talk, and fetishes

I have a lifelong obsession much like you. I enjoy everything there is to talk about or try in the bedroom. I am creative, curious and in love with this work. One phone call is all it takes to feel this difference


Secret #4: The journey is more enjoyable than the orgasmic end!.

Learning and discovering you is a privilege and a HUGE turn on for me. That never gets old. For a lot of men I am the ONLY person who knows what really turns them on. From this position of trust an amazing thing happens. You'll understand that you not only need to hear a woman cum, you need to hear a woman ENJOY YOU for whatever it is you're seeking. If you open up to me, I will do that. 100% Guaranteed so hold nothing back!

Of course I do have my favorite fantasies, but you'll have to call me to figure out what those are..

Have a thought, comment or question? Email me at dawn@onegirlandaphone.com!


One Final Phone Sex Secret

And this one is a doozy. Not all of you are ready for this information, but those who are will free themselves of the fruitless searching for the "next biggest phone-gasm."

I want to give something back to you: your dignity. Patronizing the customer is what drove me away from working at some of the larger phone sex companies. I am honest about anything you want to know regarding the phone sex industry to sate the curiosities that plague you and perhaps maybe prevent you from fully enjoying yourself.

One Girl and a Phone Promises

Your email address will be used only for personal communication between 2 consenting adults. Your confidences in me are safe from being listened to or recorded for quality assurance (YES THIS HAPPENS). You can count on the connection being more important than the subject matter you wish to discuss. I give to you a safe harbor to express hard core topics, age play obsessions, fetishes and anything else that would shame you should they be public knowledge. This is where your SECRETS are safest. Please indulge responsibly and respectfully

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