The sexiest phone sex voice in the industry today. Have a listen!

100% Independent Phone Sex Service for the Discerning Gentleman

I'm intelligent and attentive. Sexual open-mindedness combined with my creativity take your sex fantasy anywhere you want to go. Even to places where you absolutely can never really go (NO TABOOS).

PAYMENT DUE BEFORE TIME STARTS. New callers please have payment information ready when you call as well as an idea of how long you'd like to talk. Repeat callers have the last 4 digits and 3 digit security code ready unless you are changing payment information.

Discreet Billing. No information is kept on file. No spam emails. Straight-forward pricing. Repeat caller discounts. All new callers receive 5 min free. Purchase Dirty Panties $35/pair with 7 day lead time). Sexting service available via SKYPE for $2.50/min. SEXY SIX: Buy 4 calls @ $100 and get 2 calls FREE.


What are your specialties?

Customer service and satisfaction is my specialty. YOU are my specialty. Some of my favorite topics include age play, family fun, sensual domination, guided masturbation, Sissy Training, ABDL. Really the sky is the limit. The only limit is your imagination or willingness to share with me your inner desires.

Do you take prepaid cards?

YES! I prefer them. I need no personal information at all with this form of payment. Not even your name!

Do you have daily specials?

No, but I do have a loyalty program that is offered based on your call volume. I do not publish this and it is offered on a customer by customer basis. All new callers get 5 min free. There is a 20 min for $40 special daily AND the Sexy 6 that are available on an ongoing basis.

How do I know you're into my fantasy?

Take your time to make sure I'm the right fit. Read my fantasy phone sex diary to see how I deliver the best fetish phone sex call you can find.

A special word about emails, Skype and Twitter

I do my best to answer all emails and messages I receive. This is not always done in real time and is largely dependent on my call volume and personal schedule throughout the day. The best way to figure out if I am up for a call is to check the availability indicator on my site OR if you're ready to call simply just call. If I am not busy and am able to chit chat a few I will do so--otherwise please be respectful of my time and attention. I am not a 24/7 phone sex service and therefore do take time off!

100% Unrestricted Phone Sex Fantasy Service. My rate is $2.50/minute for all new callers. 5 min free with your first call. NO FREE TRIALS. Callers 21 and over ONLY. I DO WATCH MEN ON WEBCAM. I DO NOT APPEAR ON WEBCAM

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$2.50/min with a 10 min minimum