Of course ABDL and Diaper lover fetishists deserve an entire page of their own. This very large fetish encompasses far too many categories and singular interests than any one phone sex website can provide.

When you’re looking for a special and engaging phone sex Mommy, then you need to call me to indulge your ABDL and diaper lover fetish. Below are some of my very favorite spins on this fetish.

I am a real-life mother and draw from lots of my experiences with children to create the best and most authentic adult baby and diaper loving phone sex call that is specific to your needs. Just because your exact way of experience a phone sex Mommy isn’t listed here doesn't mean I don’t indulge your type of phone sex call.

Because all adult babies and diaper lover fetishists are special and unique I want to treat each and every one with the kindness and caring he or she is seeking in this sort of interaction. Believe me, as someone who has her own set of unusual desires and quirks it is hard to find a provider of phone services who says they do something well, only to find a person who is disengaged because their heart isn’t in it.

Being sold a long bill of goods and coming up short in the phone sex universe is common for the adult baby or diaper lover. With me you’ll know that I am committed to giving you a full range of experience—not just on the auditory front. I want to and desire to make you feel special to me just like your real life Mommy.

As your phone Mommy you will find me to be a nurturing and loving voice that will guide you through your specific ABDL or Diaper Loving Fantasy.

I have indulged the following fantasies for ABDL’s and Diaper Lovers on the phone:

Age regression

We will go back in time to whatever age feels best for you. I know not all ABies want to have sex play. Some just love hearing the nurturing sound of my voice. Some do want to add a deviant angle and make it taboo and sexual between Mommy and AB. I have transformed grown men into babies in these fantasies. Throwing out all the big boy clothes and making them my baby forever. The creativity I share with my age regression phone sex callers is too vast to possibly list all the ways to play this out to your satisfaction.

Diaper Changing/Diaper Fetish

Strong men in diapers always turn me on. I get to treat big men like babies and tease them about sucking on pacifiers. I know that sounds very strange, but being in the know about a man’s diaper fetish is a huge turn on for me. I love to tease and so knowing that you’re a diaper wearer in the closet can be arousing to me. I am very well-versed in diaper lover fetish and am eager to find out what your particular spin in.

I have some who just want to be diapered over and again. Some who enjoy being submissive on the phone and be pegged by Mommy in their diaper as their dick and balls are caressed by the cottony soft inside of the diaper. There are still some who enjoy wetting their pampers on the phone and filling them full. Sitting in the mess and cooing like a baby while Mommy walks them through a diaper change.

Diaper bondage is a fun thing for me too Instead of changing that diaper we just put more and more on. My diaper lover will have so many diapers on he will not be able to walk anymore—just like a baby.

Breast Feeding/Bottle Feeding/Burping Phone Sex

I love talking about how I’d breast feed my adult baby. ABDLs are some of the most sensual types of calls. That closeness that you feel when suckling your nourishment from your mother’s breast is not on sexually charging for you—but arousing for me. I can just see you peering up from the crook of my arm sucking intently. Maybe regressing in age with every suckle of sweet milk from Mommy’s big soft breast.

Dommy Mommy Discipline and Spanking Fetish

Part of a Mommy’s role is to discipline and humiliate slightly her offspring. Pointing out that ‘stinky smell’ or those especially loud toots to all who can hear. Mommies are also disciplinarians. I have the express pleasure of enjoying a good spanking fetish phone call. Whatever bad behavior we conjure you can count on me to come up with the appropriate and creative punishment so that you will hopefully learn your lesson (but probably not).

Ohhh, playing with yourself made you wet the bed? Well, Mommy will put you back in diapers. Find yourself looking, touching or acting a way that Mommy said you can’t act—you’ll get a spanking. Are you a naughty boy who needs Mommy’s hairbrush training on his bare ass? Do you want to be humiliated and called out—shown off and then used.

I have boys who call me dressed for the part of the adult baby with toys and some who just use their minds. It’s all ok with Miss Dawn. You will find that I will wow you with my commitment to giving you the best ‘loving care’ and ‘diaper discipline’ that you can find in the realm of ABDL phone sex and Diaper Lover Phone Sex Fetish.

Sissy Training and Sissy Phone Sex

Sometimes a little one needs to become a little girl because he was born with parts that do not measure up. Sometimes the sissy is potty trained and fully ready for sexualization through sissification phone sex training. Other times, the sissy needs to go back to the beginning to be trained like a ‘wittle girl’. Either way, the end result is an obedient submissive little sissy boi who does whatever make his mommy happy. From having lesbian sex to being a cock whore I cover the gamut. I love this fetish including rich descriptions of clothing. I also provide Sissy humiliation email training on a per email basis. Just ask me for a price.